Many aspects of our website are still being updated. Please contact the synod office if you are unable to find something that you are looking for.

The synod office is open.   No outside meetings are being held at this time. 

Please call ahead if planning to come to the office, as we are practicing safety measures of masking and distancing. 

We will continue to reassess as the situation changes.

Western Iowa Synod Assembly

April 9-10 - 2021

Please click the link to view the 2021 Synod Assembly recorded livestream video. Portions of the video may be muted due to copyright claims. Link will open in a new window/tab.


2020 Your gifts at work! This video was shown during the 2021 Synod Assembly:

Reports are available on the website. Click the synod assembly tab and then the 2021 Synod Assembly tile.  Watch for any updates.

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Situated on lush farmland, nestled within and east of the rolling Loess Hills and the storied Missouri River, the Western Iowa Synod is one of 3 ELCA Synods in Iowa and one of 65 ELCA Synods in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

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Ministry Grant - OPEN DOORS
ELCA grant for congregations.

Apply today for an Open Doors Grant! Open Doors is a new initiative to support ELCA congregations interested in meeting new people as we transition into a time of re-gathering in physical spaces, as COVID-19 considerations allow. Any ELCA congregation with a specific and actionable idea can apply! Learn more at

Note Deadlines:

May 14 - Deadline to Register in ELCA GrantMaker

May 19 - Grant application closes