HUNGER around the world and in Iowa is on the rise after declining for a decade. 

- 2014    8.1 million people needed lifesaving humanitarian assistance.                 

- 2023   340 million who need it.  

HUNGER in the United States                

- 1 in 5 U.S. children are at risk of hunger (Bread for the World)                

- More than 9.5 million adults 50+ rely on SNAP (AARP) 

 HUNGER in Iowa                

- SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) a part of the US Farm Bill helps 1 in 12 fulltime            workers put food on their table                

- 69% are families with children                

- 815,000 tons of surplus food went to waste in 2019 in Iowa  

Offering of Letters - Western Iowa Synod and Bread for the World
Fight Against Hunger - What can you do?

Join with other congregations from around Iowa and Bread for the World, a respected, ecumenical advocacy organization, to participate in a letter writing campaign to our leaders in congress.  Urge Congress to support a farm bill that builds healthy, equitable, and sustainable food systems. 

Ask: “I am just one person, what can I do?”

Answer:  You can write a letter, send an email, advocate for your neighbors. Make your voice heard! 

 Iowans, we are in a unique position, our congressional delegation in both the House of Representatives and Senate serve on the Agriculture Committees and subcommittees.  Letters from you, people of faith, congregations of the ELCA, will make a difference!  

Senator Grassley - Letter to Senator Grassley

Senator Ernst - Letter to Senator Ernst

Representative Feenstra - Letter to Rep. Feenstra

Representative Nunn - Letter to Rep. Nunn

Iowa Interfaith Power & Light also offers an electronic letter via a fillable form:  A Faithful Farm Bill 

 Bread for the World – Farm Bill Platform & Information

Western Iowa Synod & Bread for the World training video recording  

The US Farm Bill, which must be reauthorized every 5 years, expires Sept. 30, 2023.  Nutrition is a large portion of the Farm Bill providing funding for SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the largest governmental anti-hunger program.