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All earth is hopeful, the Savior comes at last!

Furrows lie open for God’s creative task:
this, the labor of people who struggle to see
how God’s truth and justice set everybody free.

It is Advent again.

Advent commands us to keep awake! To be alert! To be open to the presence of God in our daily life.

Advent calls us to pay attention! To notice the needs unfolding around us in the lives of our neighbors around the world.

Advent challenges us to wait! To ponder and reflect on what it means that God continues come to set all people free.

Advent invites us to make room! To welcome the ways of Jesus into our lives, working for justice, mercy, and peace, loving all people.

It is Advent again. As you light the first candle take time to consider: How did the presence of Christ come to you on this day?

And we pray:
Lord Emmanuel, let us be alert to your coming this Advent. Let us pay attention so that even in these days when we are asked to keep distance we might respond with compassion and care for all. And as we wait may we boldly walk in your ways. Amen.


Lorna H. Halaas, Bishop
Western Iowa Synod