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Advent is a season of waiting. And the reason for the waiting is that God had sent prophets who told the people that something was coming – something to wait for.

We were already waiting: waiting to see the next day’s “numbers” – how many new Covid cases will there be in my county? Waiting for leadership – clergy and lay – to make decisions about worship: will we have candlelight worship on Christmas Eve, or will we worship together at all? Waiting for news of a vaccine.

We are becoming practiced at waiting.

Now we are invited to examine that waiting, and remember the promises of the prophets: God is about to do something amazing! God is about to step into history, and save the people whom God has claimed. God is coming. God’s word gives us hope.

God of the prophets, you have kept your word. Help us, as we wait and watch, to do so with hope: trusting in and sharing your word with all who are weary or discouraged. Amen.