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What an amazing thing! To think of God not only with us, but connected to us as family.

The God who called all of creation into being, the God who said “Light” and the light appeared, this same God relates to us now as a sibling: not by lifting us up to heaven, but by coming to us on earth.

Sometimes we wish to be where God is: above the storms and fears and sorrows of this life. We seek to join God (and perhaps offer a suggestion or two on how certain earthly situations should be handled). What we actually get, from this God-with-us, is a God who joins us where we are: who embraces our earthly, human life… and transforms us.

God, our brother, make us one family. Breathe your peace and your powerful presence into us and into the situations that confront us. Give us your vision, to see the common thread of holy humanity in strangers and neighbors and friends. Amen.