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Mountains and valleys will have to be prepared;
new highways opened, new protocols declared. Almost
here! God is nearing, in beauty and grace! All
clear ev'ry gateway, in haste, come out in haste!
(All Earth is Hopeful ELW 266 v. 3)

The low lifted up; the high dropped down as construction changes our landscape. Justice and truth birth new government, new economy, new society. A sight, a glance, a glimpse of God's beauty and grace generates new energy to clear the way, raise the lowly, lower the haughty and high. Almost here!

Lord, clear the dross and dregs of our sin that we be part of your new world breaking in. Include us Lord in your newness, draw us near. Open our eyes, our hearts, our hands to work, that all share in your beauty and grace. Amen