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All Earth Is Hopeful – ELW #266
We first saw Jesus a baby in a crib.
This same Lord Jesus today has come to live in our world;
He is present, in neighbors we see our Jesus is with us, and ever sets us free.

O come, O Kings of nations come to us, restore us with hope, kindness, peace, and love for all.
Let us worship the King of nations, ruler of all the world. Rejoice! Rejoice! O Israel.

In this advent season we are called to reflect on:

Love, and what that means for us and for others, are we loving others as God loves us?

Light, what is the light of Christ and How do we share that light with others. Are we hope in the world for others, as Christ has promised us to be our light in the darkness?

Peace, God came that there would be peace on earth, how are we living out our call to peace. Do we forgive and release our anger so not to hurt others?

Joy, how do we truly live in Joy? Are we happy with what we have? Do we share the gifts we have with others?

Lord we pray that you fill us with your love, light, peace and joy. Lord be with us and help us in this advent season to brighten our world around us. Let us grow in love with the other, be their light in the darkness, be peaceful as our world is chaotic, and be joyful and share our many gifts. Be with all the earth and set your people free from despair.  Amen.