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All Earth Is Hopeful – ELW #266
We first saw Jesus a baby in a crib.
This same Lord Jesus today has come to live in our world;
He is present, in neighbors we see our Jesus is with us, and ever sets us free.

Just as the prophets spoke, the virgin will have a son and he will be named Emmanuel, which means “God is with us”. Wow, really take that in….God is with us! These are not just words we sing in church. God is with us in our daily lives, in the midst of our challenges and our celebrations. Every minute of every day! He is with me as I struggle to write this. He is with you in whatever today brings. During the long, dark night when we feel so alone, we are not. God is with us even during this pandemic!

God our hope and our strength, is ALWAYS with us.

And so we pray, Loving God, thank you for the gift of your son, Jesus, Emmanuel! Open our eyes to see Jesus in our neighbors. Open our ears to hear the cries of those in need. Open our hearts to love all those you put in our lives. Help us to live out our days with courage, being the hands and feet of Christ, knowing you are with us through it all!  Amen.