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Accept Bishop Lorna's challenge: donate for Bp Lorna to wear your ministry's  t-shirt for a day (only 4 left) or a sticker for her helmet.  If she gets too many, her bike gets decorated too.

Share with your congregation: Make a plan to share this information with your congregation to support the Bishops' peddling by giving a gift to fight hunger in Iowa and throughout the world through ELCA World Hunger. Donate here.

Buy a Mile:  $1 per mile. How many will you buy?  The Ragbrai route is 500 miles.

Highlight a hunger ministry: Share your anti-hunger ministry - be part of map of hunger ministries in Iowa.  Complete form here.

Buy a T-Shirt:  Get a limited edition One Iowa Three Synods shirt

Visit the Bishops' RAGBRAI website. (This site will continue to be updated.)