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  • School supplies collected for Essex community school by St. John's Lutheran Church, Essex Iowa.


  • Quilters Pat Tillman and JoAnn Hardstack of Fremont Lutheran Church, Essex, Iowa, show several among dozens of handmade quilts for patrons of Open Door Mission in Omaha, ​

God’s Work. Our Hands.
A poem by Wayne L. Wold
God's work, our hands: working together,
building a future, repairing the world,
raising up homes, planting new gardens,
feeding the hungry and shelt'ring the cold.
Bless, God, our hands as we work in your name,
sharing the good news of your Gospel.

God's work, our feet: trav'ling together,
following Jesus to places unknown,
walking as friends, marching for freedom,
running the race with God's future the goal.
Bless, God, our feet as we follow your way,sharing the good news of your Gospel.

God's work, our voice: singing together,
praising, proclaiming to all who will hear,
praying for peace, shouting for justice,
claiming God's love for the lost and the least.
Bless, God, our voice as we speak in your name,
sharing the good news of your Gospel.

God is at work in and around us:
seedlings are sprouting and breads on the rise!
Washed and set free, humbled and honored,
gifted by grace, we respond in God's love.
Bless, God, our lives as we answer your call,
sharing the good news of your Gospel.

Text: Wayne L. Wold Text © 2019 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, admin. Augsburg Fortress.
Tune: Earth and All Stars Permission is granted to reproduce this composition for local, non-sale use in synods, congregations and other ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Other uses prohibited without securing permission or reporting usage under a valid copyright license.