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Thank you, people of Western Iowa for....
-Your partnership in ministry
- Your hard work to make worship happen during this pandemic
- Your willingness to learn new ways of being church
- Your prayers and words of encouragement
- Your courage to speak for justice standing against racism
- Your faithful proclamation of the Good News of Jesus
- Your generous mission support!
- Your synod staff and synod council say "THANK YOU"!!!

We are grateful for the many gifts you share that continue to support
- Seminary students from Western Iowa
- Lutheran Disaster
- Campus ministry here in Iowa
- Bible camps - especially when summer programs are canceled
- Global mission
- Ecumenical partnerships as we learn from one another
- Call process as congregations seek to call a pastor
- Food networks feeding hungry people in Western Iowa
- New learning opportunities for lay people and rostered ministers

This is God's work. With our hands and voices.
Together we are the church - the body of Christ.


Rev. Lorna H. Halaas, Bishop
Western Iowa Synod, ELCA