And so, because of a pandemic we will not gather this weekend in Spencer to worship, learn and celebrate together. Instead your synod staff, vice president and treasurer will use this issue of Western Iowa Synod e-Spirit to reflect on this past year.

  • Thank you to the synod staff for your faithfulness, hard work and partnership!
    • Rev. Dr. Mike Kroona; Assistant to the Bishop
    • Rev. Jim Mossman; Director for Evangelical Mission (D.E.M.)
    • Rev. Judith Johnson; Counselor in Residence / Pastoral Care
    • Kay Broich; Office and Financial Administrator
    • Julie Cook; Administrative Assistant
    • Paula Damon; Communication
  • Thank you to the Rostered Ministers (pastors and deacons) called to serve in Western Iowa; it is a joy to be in ministry with you! ‚Äč
  • Thank you to Western Iowa Synod Vice President Brian Campbell, Treasurer Michael Jacobson, Secretary Karen Post and other members of the synod council. You have graciously walked through this time of transition, moved your meetings out of the synod office to meet in church building so that you might deepen relationships with pastors and people and you gathered for a planning retreat at Lutheran Lakeside. Now you have adapted to meeting by Zoom as you guide this synod through these days of a pandemic.

Download Bishop Lorna's full report below.