Mike Jacobson
Synod Treasurer

The 2019 fiscal year was a year of transition from a financial standpoint. Significant transactions occurred with staff changes, severances given to the previous staff and normal transitional costs associated with a Bishop Election. With all the changes that took place in 2019, the Western Iowa Synod stayed within budget for the fiscal year.

Download the full treasure's report below.


Synod Finance Committee members during the past year were Rev. Cole McCormick, Estherville; Julie Sievers, Storm Lake, Kathy McEnelly, Forest City and Michael Jacobson, Emmetsburg. The finance committee oversees the financial soundness of the Synod and invests a great deal of time and energy in the budget planning process. A big “Thank You” is extended to all of the members for their efforts and assistance. In particular, I thank all of the Synod staff members, especially Bishop Lorna Halaas and Synod Office & Finance Adminstrator, Kay Broich, for their stewardship of the finances of the Synod.