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Wednesday evening pre-assembly event: Bible study by Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

Thursday evening pre-assembly event: Diversity and stigma training by Rosecrance Jackson Center 

Friday evening:

  • Opening worship was assisted by first-call pastors, Pr Andy Nelson, and music was led by Deacon John Weit, Assistant to the Bishop, Executive for Worship, ELCA Churchwide
  • The Credentials and Elections Committee reported registrations of 191 voters and 31 visitors; total of 222 attendees
  • Passed resolutions*:
    o #3 WIS Constitution: Nominating Committee
    o #4 Cooperation with neighboring synods 

Saturday morning:

  • Passed resolutions*:
    o #2 Adopt the 2022 Revised Budget and 2023 Proposed Budget
    o #1 2023 Compensation and Care Guidelines
    o #7 WIS Constitution - Congregational Representation at Synod Assembly
    o #5 Updating the WIS Constitution and Bylaws
  • Received greetings from:
    o Deacon John Weit, ELCA Churchwide representative, who detailed the many local, national and worldwide projects that are funded by our Mission Support giving
    o Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton by video
  • Recognition of 11 Western Iowa candidates for candidacy and 6 ordinations
  • Recognition of 26 ordination anniversaries and 6 congregation anniversaries
  • Bishop Lorna Halaas presented the bishop’s report
  • Received offerings of $7,979 supporting “Feeding the Hungry in Western Iowa Synod”and “LSI-Refugee and Immigrant Services”. Thank you!
  • Elected 19 persons to synod committee positions*. Thanks to those willing to serve! 

Saturday afternoon:

  • Went out to serve! Dressed in our blue “God’s Work. Our Hands.” tee-shirts (thanks, Harlan Asmus!) we divided into 15 service groups who did a variety of activities for nonprofits in Sioux City.
  • Final closing activities:
    o Announced the 2023 Synod Assembly to be held April 14-15, 2023 in a location TBD
    o Finished with a closing litany and prayers

* Resolutions and other reports are available on the synod website www.wisynod.org