The Committee of Assembly Business and Counsel is composed of eleven members; three elected in even numbered years and four elected in odd numbered years by the Synod Assembly to a term of two years; two shall be appointed by the Synod Council from its membership. The bishop and secretary of the synod will be ex officio members. Functions include:

  • advise the Synod Council on the agenda and program of the Synod Assembly
  • assemble a Pre-Assembly Report which shall include the agenda reports and resolutions referred to it by the secretary, Synod Council, or voting members
  • receive, during the Synod Assembly, any resolution of a general character which is not germane to the pending question or report
  • every motion or resolution submitted to the Synod Assembly and its Committee of Assembly Business and Counsel shall be presented to the Assembly in whole or part or by reference to the published reports
  • consider, during the Synod Assembly, any matter referred to it by the bishop or the Synod Assembly and prepare resolutions germane to the matter so referred
  • study the report of the bishop, make appropriate comment thereon, transmit to the Synod Assembly the recommendations of the bishop together with any additional recommendations of its own that it may deem desirable
  • present resolutions of courtesy and acknowledgment
  • recommend special orders for the hearing of representatives
  • grant or deny permission to distribute printed matter not issuing from the office of the secretary
  • give such assistance to the bishop as s/he may desire in the course of the Synod Assembly
Committee Members

Rev. Zech Anderson -

Lori Clark -
Tracy Gayer -
Bishop Lorna Halaas -
Daniel Holste -
Rev. Denise Lindemann -
Rev. Tonna Parsons -

Rev. Matt Polsdofer -
Dagna Simmons -