Elected to do the work of the synod

The Synod Council is elected to do the work of the synod between assemblies. Members are nominated by conferences and elected at the synod assembly. The Nominating Committee oversees the nomination and election process.

Synod Council Responsibilities

Four meetings a year and attendance at the Synod Assembly - Meeting schedule includes: a Friday evening and Saturday morning in mid June and three additional Saturday morning plus lunch meetings. These meetings are usually held on the 3rd Saturday of September, the 2nd Saturday of December, and a Saturday in mid March.

Synod Council members may be appointed or elected to serve on synod boards, the finance committee, the Assembly Business Committee, or the Executive Council. Each of these would include additional meetings and responsibilities. However, a council member is not required to accept the appointment or election.

Western Iowa Synod Council Members and Contact Info Listing Below

The officers of this synod are a Bishop, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer.

  • Bishop Lorna Halaas - lorna.halaas.rev@wisynod.org
  • Tracy Gayer - Vice President - tracy.gayer@wisynod.org - Lay Male
  • Karen Post - Secretary - karen.post@wisynod.org - Lay Female
  • Michael Jacobson - Treasurer - michael.jacobson@wisynod.org - Lay Male


  • Rev. Cole McCormick - ​crmccormick@hotmail.com - Seeds of Faith, Clergy
  • Kathy McEnelly - cattykathy@wctatel.net - Seeds of Faith, Lay Female
  • Nancy Peters - nancyp@nethtc.net - Winds of Hope, Lay Female
  • Brian Underwood - brianunderwood1979@yahoo.com - Winds of Hope, Lay Male
  • Gail Schilmoeller - gailbauler@yahoo.com - At Large, Young Adult
  • Kaylynn Ridgely - kridgely2001@gmail.com - At Large, Youth
  • Judy Lang - judithlang@aol.com - Hands of Hope, Lay Female
  • Rev. Scott Dalen - sdalen001@luthersem.edu - Rivers of Grace, Clergy
  • Rev. S. Kim Peterson - ktkso2@netins.net - At Large, Clergy
  • Jon Merritt - merrittj3@gmail.com - Hands of Hope, Lay Male
  • Chuck Taylor - chucktaylor4321@gmail.com - Abundant Fields, Lay Male
  • Dave Bohnet - lbohnet9@gmail.com - Lutheran Men In Mission, Advisory
  • Sue Boblit - sdboblit@gmail.com WIS Women's Organization, Advisory

Council Minutes