Finance Committee:

  • Shall be an Advisory Committee under the supervision of the treasurer
  • Shall advise and counsel the treasurer regarding the treasurer’s responsibility as defined in S8.40
  • Shall assist the treasurer in developing policies and procedures in the area of money management such as accounting and reporting, insurance, investment, and other responsibilities including support to treasurers of local congregations
  • Shall be composed of the Treasurer, the Bishop, a member of the Synod Council appointed by the Executive Committee and three other persons. Members areappointed by the Executive Committee for three-year terms. Members may serve two consecutive terms


  • coordinate the preparation of the budget proposal for the Synod Council based on Chapter 15 of the constitution
  • make recommendations relative to the synod’s finances through the treasurer to the Executive Committee and the Synod Council
  • provide programs and resource to congregations

Shall perform duties of Audit Committee as provided in *S11.01. and *S11.05.The treasurer may define limits for the activity of the Finance Committee.

Committee Members

Bishop Lorna Halaas -
Tiffany Messerlie -
Cole McCormick
Kathy McEnelly
Nick Milbrodt
Julie Sievers
Kay Broich (staff)